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Video featuring Lucy Bilotta's ALC experience:

Date: December 2019

Commentary about our co-designing experience:

Date: April 2022

Conference Poster Presentation (Academy Health)

Date: May 2020

Improve Patient and Family Experience during a Hospital Discharge Delay in Ontraio

Article by University of Toronto News featuring story of Lisa Bennett and researchers Sara Guilcher and Kerry Kuluski:

University of Toronto researchers  (Sara Guilcher and Kerry Kuluski) launch in-depth evaluation of strategies to curb 'hallway medicine' in Ontario

Date: August 2019

Podcast featuring Gord MacGregor's story: 

"I was there for her": A Caregiver's Story

Date: February 2019

The Ontario Premier's Council (Dr. Devlin) report highlighting Ida McLaughlin’s story (on page 6):

Hallway Health Care: A System Under Strain
1st Interim Report from the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine (Ontario Canada Government)

Date: January 2019

Sinai Heath video featuring Kerry Kuluski and Monika Syed

"The Making of Sinai Health Magazine: Shifting the Culture of Care"

Date: November 2017

Some of the ALC Patient and Caregiver Advisory Council members alongside researchers at the Mississauga, Ontario focus group session

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We need you

We are looking for partners to help us pilot our patient-centered solutions to addressing ALC.

To receive more information and to collaborate with us please contact us.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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