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Below you will find a comprehensive list of resources that have been featured on pages throughout the website. Many of these resources have been co-designed by members of the council - feel free to download, use, and adapt these tools as per your needs and get in touch if you have any questions about the resources mentioned below.

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Includes tools co-designed by the council to help address issues with delayed discharge processes.

Includes council members' features in the media. 

Includes research studies (some conducted by the council) surrounding ALC, delayed discharge, and patient outcomes.

Includes guidelines on delayed discharge processes published by individuals external to the council (e.g., Government of Ontario).

Reports & Guidelines Created by the ALC Patient and Caregiver Advisory Council

Briefing Note

Briefing Note

The briefing note provides an overview of the ALC issue, including its impact on patients, caregivers, and the healthcare system, and provides an overview of how our council is addressing the issue.

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The infographic accompanies the briefing note and provides a visual overview of the ALC issue, including statistics on its impact on patient outcomes and the healthcare system. 

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Communication Tool

This tool can be used by patients, caregivers, and care providers during the process of designating the patient as ALC. Using this tool can ensure that all stakeholders involved understand what the designation means, and the process forward.  

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Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference was created by the council to guide the council's various activities. 

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ALC Toolkit 

The toolkit contains key documents to support patient, caregiver, and provider engagement in the design of strategies to address Alternate Level of Care challenges. To find out more about these documents, get templates or links to other resources you may need, please get in touch.

ALC Council Members Featured in the Media 

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Video featuring Lucy Bilotta & Dr. Kerry Kuluski

This video features Lucy Bilotta's experience of caregiving for her mother who experienced a delayed transition in care, as well as Dr. Kerry Kuluski explaining the extent of the ALC issue. Lucy is a member of and Dr. Kuluski is the research lead for the council.


Podcast featuring Gordon MacGregor

In this podcast interview, Gordon MacGregor, another member of the council, reflects upon his personal experience taking care of his wife over a span of nearly 30 years. 

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Video featuring Monika Syed & Dr. Kerry Kuluski

This video features Monika Syed sharing her experiences of caregiving for her father, as well as Dr. Kerry Kuluski discussing the work that needs to be done to improve the experiences of patients and caregivers using the healthcare system. 


Article by University of Toronto News

This news article features Lisa, a member of the council, sharing her experiences of caregiving for her mother. The article also features the collaborative efforts of Dr. Kerry Kuluski and Dr. Sara Sara Guilcher to address the ALC issue. 

Research Studies Surrounding Delayed Discharge


Video featuring Lucy Bilotta's ALC experience: 

Alternate Level of Care: A Caregiver's Experience

Date: December 2019

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Co-desgining an ALC Intervention with Patients, Caregivers and Care Providers

This study entailed working groups and co‐design sessions with patients, caregivers and care providers to design an intervention to improve delayed hospital discharge experiences.

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Patients’ Lived Experiences of Deconditioning in Hospital 

This exploratory, descriptive qualitative study explored hospital-associated deconditioning from the views of different stakeholders, to develop an understanding of deconditioning from the physical, social, and cognitive perspectives.

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Patient/Caregiver Experience with Delayed Discharge 

This scoping review summarizes the literature on patient and caregiver experiences with delayed hospital discharge.

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Report from the ALC and Performance Measurement Symposium

This report highlights discussions from the ALC and Performance Measurement Symposium. This event brought together relevant stakeholders to reflect on future directions for ALC interventions, with a strong focus on measurement and personal care experiences.

Commentary Article Image.jpg

In Pursuit of Better Care Transitions: Lessons Learned from a Co-Designed Project

In this commentary, we reflect on our experience of co-designing an intervention to address challenges due to delayed hospital discharge (known as alternate level of care in Canada). 

Other Resources

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ALC Leading Practices Guide

This document was published in 2017 by Cancer Care Ontario to help hospitals and relevant stakeholders review current practices for the management of ALC patients and identify opportunities for improvement with a focus on ALC avoidance/limiting the number of patients designated ALC.

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Infographic about Hallway Medicine

Infographic/information sheet on hallway medicine, published by the Ontario Hospital Association. 

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Report on Hallway Health Care from the Premier's Council

This report provides an overview of the key challenges contributing to hallway health care, and identifies opportunities and emerging themes from the Council’s initial work – including the potential to integrate health care and introduce technology solutions to address this issue. 

Reports & Guidelines
Research Studies
Other Resources
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